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M8trix replied to the topic 'Autobots doing Thriller' in the forum. 3 years ago

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M8trix created a new topic ' About Scifiology and what this is really about' in the forum. 4 years ago

Being a fan of the Sci Fi , Fantasy , horror , and everything in between , it was hard not for me not to make a site that dedicates itself to that great genre. Since I am noway or shape a great writer and I will never pretend to be , everything I do and write is for fun and out of the love of doing it. There is a lot of heart put into this site event hough it may not be perfect.

My long term goal is to attract like minded people and make a Facebook like community. People who would share their views and their uniqueness about all things sci fi.

So what is and why did I come up with the name Scifiology ? Well just like biology , zoology , and such . Scifiology is a study of the sci fi phenomenon . Simple as that. Of course later on I found out that some had confused this with Scientology and I assure you that is no way the idea or the case. I actually poked fun of those that thought that in my about section on news blog when I wrote;

“We are not a cult and we do not ask for virgin sacrifices, money, or expect you to do a dance naked around a fire. Although it is mighty tempting to get paid to see virgins dance naked around a fire we do not request it or need it.”

Sometimes I think that line may have been a bit to much for some . One thing is for sure is that I do believe in the line I also wrote in the same about page when I said;

“This site however is for all of us that imagine bigger, dream of better worlds, or like to shut our minds off and be whisked away to a place where the everyday Borgs can not reach us. This site is for the fans like you and me that just love Sci Fi for what it is. “

That said this site is meant to be fun and informative. And again I will state I am not the best of writers , there will be errors , misspells , and flubs. It's I just love what I write about and I love sharing what I find with others and I am hoping to attract others to do the same. Who knows maybe even open up the blog section to a select few to help out with news articles in the future.


Happy Birthday Joe

Welcome to Scifiology Pete.

Yea I know this video will be probably taken down pretty soon as it is always the case when someone does something like this...
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Welcome to Scifiology negir

Hey Herhy just stopping by to welcome you to scifiology.

Welcome to Scifiology. Great avatar. Fits this place LOL

hnchan and {target} are now friends 10 years ago

Welcome to Scifiology Davide.

I welcome everyone to the new community part of Scifiology. Feel free to share videos, photos , and stories with everyone or selected friends. Form... Show more